Scott Findlay, Director

As one of Scotland’s most respected traffic management and roads experts, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge in road network management and legislation. Scott has delivered over 7,000 events during his 25-year career working in local government highways and transport departments. He was a founding member of Edinburgh Council’s Events Planning and Operations Group (EPOG)/Safety Advisory Group (SAG), and chaired the Transportation Sub-Group meetings. For CREXCELL, Scott, in his role as Technical and Operation Director, takes charge of project delivery and event management, including all planning required, traffic management, pedestrian management, stakeholder engagement and all safety requirements. He works with clients throughout the project – from conception through to delivery.

Mike Merritt, Director

Mike brings 25 years of senior management success to his role as Business Management Director at CREXCELL. He has experience in all areas of business management in the electronics sector. His most recent role was Managing Director of Plexus Corp (UK) Ltd in Scotland. Mike is an alumnus of University College Galway, Ireland where he earned a degree in Engineering. He is responsible for finance, commercial management, business systems, and human resources within CREXCELL. Mike is a Manchester United season ticket holder and hikes both in Scotland and abroad.

Kenneth Power, Director

Kenneth, a project manager and engineer since 2002, gained a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree in Civil & Transportation Engineering from Edinburgh Napier University. He earned numerous industry certifications before starting his own company, Deise Engineering. For CREXCELL, Kenneth is the Sales and Marketing Director and he also advises on diverse and complex projects. To deliver them on schedule and on budget in time-critical environments, Kenneth successfully manages difficult situations and challenges to achieve positive outcomes for CREXCELL clients.